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SMS Notifier PC

SMS Notifier PC
Get notified on PC when you receive SMS. Run a process automatically, based on a trigger word in message. SMS Notifier PC is two applications, Android and PC.

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Arduino burner

Arduino burner
Write hex files to Arduino

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Send any request you want to server. And see responce returned from server.
ex. GET /index.html HTTP/1.0
or HEAD / HTTP/1.0
Remember to enter a empty line after the header.

Download here.
Learn the basics of HTTP here.


Post Request Tester

Test post request to webserver.

Download here.






Arduino Burner

  • Write hex files to Arduino.
  • Simple and free.
  • Compatible with ATmega 328 16Mhz, ATmega 328 8Mhz, Uno.
  • (Nano has Atmega 328 16Mhz)
  • Hex file for USB sensor 1i, to be used with Factory View.

Download Here
You may need Arduino drivers to get com port on Windows.
Download Arduino driver pack

Com List

Show virtual com port names when they are plugged in USB port.

Download here.


HW List

List hardware info on computer.

Download here.

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