FTP Screen

This app takes automatic screenshot, and uploads to ftp server with filename screenshot.jpg.
This way you can have read only access to your screens from the internet.
Below we will teach you how to make a password protected directory on your site. This way only you can access your ftp uploads.

Download FTP Screen with webserver files

Demo webserver (user sol, password sol).

Securing a web directory

Securing a Apache web site directory with .htaccess makes all your content in that directory private and safe.
How this works is by placing a Apache server’s .htaccess config file in the site directory we want to protect. A second file is a password file, and holds user+hashed password. You will generate your hashed password with any general MD5 Hash generator. This way your real password is not stored anywhere.
When you log into your site, your password is converted by Apache to MD5 Hash. This Hash is checked against stored Hash in password file.

Create a new folder your server named isecure (or any other name.
The files below all resides in this folder.

Copy info.php to folder isecure.
Open info.php from browser, and search for SCRIPT_FILENAME,
You need this server directory in step 3.

Put the lines below into a new file named .htaccess_myuserfile:
##This file cointains username and hashed password that goes with it.
##This file should be in a non public area of your site.
##.htaccess look for MD5 hashed password in this file
##Generate your MD5 hashed password here: https://shop.alterlinks.com/htpasswd/htpasswd.php

put the lines below into a new file named .htaccess:
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Members only”
AuthUserFile /home/mysite/public_html/mysecuredir/.htaccess_myuserfile
require valid-user


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