NOK kr 1 000

  • USD: 92$

Get total view of plant floor efficiency and status at a very simple and basic level.



Easy status of up to 40 factory machines / production lines. See machine efficiency and run/stop status.
Software consists of two parts: One server to receive data, and up to 40 clients on the plant floor. Software is installed on windows computers, and comunicates over existing LAN network. Take control of your plant floor now, and start save big money!

Server features:

  • Status of up to 40 machines/clients.
  • Accumulated daily efficiency
  • Color for running or stopped.
  • Averaged Efficiency for all days. (empty days not registered)
  • Daily logging to csv file and thingspeak.
  • Screen dump saved every 5 second. to be displayed on your own webserver.
  • Share screen dump on Mongoose web server in seconds.
  • Server outputs screen dump every 5 second, to be displayed on your own webserver.

Client features:

  • Client is installed on computer near machine being meassured.
  • Client sends data to Server via LAN network.
  • Actual and target display with bar showing efficiency in percent on plant floor.
  • Efficiency is calculated by dividing actual produced items with target items.
  • Target items speed is set by maximum item speed on machine.
  • Client software run in background and can be installed on existing computers on factory floor.

Product sensor:
We have USB sensor 1i to count product items.
You can even build your own sensor with Arduino, and our Arduino burner for free. This way you quickly get up and running, and keep the cost down.

Simple setup and a nice price makes this solution a smart buy.

When you implement this system and starts eliminating the reasons for downtime and reduced speeds, you will automatically see the improvement next day.
So start improving now, and get an edge over your competitors.
Still not convinced this is correct for you, we recommend you take 5 minutes and read about OEE
Overall Equipment Efficiency. Production efficiency can be doubled by working with OEE.

Demo gives you the full version, but limited to one client.
Purchase more clients when you are ready.
Download Factory view
Download Mongoose web server.

How to buy license to get more machine/client collumns in Factory View:
1. Find your userdata in log panel.
2. Select number of machines you need, and click buy now.
3. In checkout, enter your userdata in ‘Optional note’ window.
4. In 24h we will send you a email confirmation when new licence is activated.
You can then restart server app, and you are good to go.
If any question, please contact us.



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