Handheld Rs232 serial data tester

The tester is not for sale, but we give you all info how to build you own device. Watch below for parts needed.

This devices is for testing serial data comunications. And acts as a portable pc with hyperterminal.


-DB9 RS232 standard interface.

-Text recieved shows up on lcd screen.

– It can send different types of output strings on button press.
(interval counter, predefined, recorded string)

– Simulator: simuate your own custom string, by sending recorded string.

-Baud rate can be changed with a press of a button.

-Battery powered.

-Usage info at startup.

1x Arduino UNO
1x RS232 Serial Shield (or Arduino with Serial rs232)
1x set of Shield headers
1x LCD Button shield

Arduino drivers
Driver installation guide
Arduino burner
LCD serial tester v13b by Skjold Display.hex
LCD serial tester v14menuBeta by Skjold Display.hex


  1. Assemble parts.
  2. Install drivers.
  3. Connect arduino to computer.
  4. Burn hex file with Arduino burner.(we have two hex versions to try)
  5. You can also flash Arduino via the RS232 Serial Shield. Just press Arduino reset button one second before clicking Write.

“If you meet obstacles, never give up. Use Google and Youtube to learn. Keep trying til you get it.”

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