Welcome to Skjold Display, the digital expertice.


Here is a list of custom software projects we create:

  • Data collection and visualization
  • Web applications
  • iot automation gateways
  • Windows software
  • Android software
  • Microcontroller software
  • WordPress setups
  • Linux server setup
  • Ready made software is in shop


We develop custom electronics and software to solve customer need.
We also have a online shop with some of our products.
Please contact us if you need custom electronics or software.

Some things we create:

  • iot connected devices.
  • iot home automation server.
  • RF, Wifi and LAN devices with TCP, UDP, MQTT, Modbus.
  • OLED, LCD, LED Matrix, TFT Text display.
  • Test instruments.
  • RS232/TTL serial communication devices.
  • Low power wireless battery operated devices.
  • Custom sensor device, with temperature, humidity, light, GPS, Gyro, accelerometer, vibration, pressure, vacuum, motor controll, IR, Keyboard, distance sensor.
  • Data collection and visualization.
  • Windows software.
  • Android software.
  • Microcontroller software.
  • WordPress setups.
  • Linux server setup.
Wifi Mqtt display, with SNMP data collection.
LED Matrix Clock


Skjold Display